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Self Massage techniques (aka. Be a Baller)

Now that I've talked a bit about the value of rolling out your tight tissues, here are a few videos for those of you ready to rock and roll.  (There are lots of ball-related puns.  Sorry).  As a Yoga Tune Up® teacher, I like the YTU® balls, but I've also used pinky balls and lacrosse balls in a pinch.  Here are some of my favorite roll out places to start.


Feet: whether you've worn heels or dress shoes, or you just ran a few miles, this feels great.

Upper Back: after a day of playing, or in the morning, this is a nice way to start to unwind.

Jaw/TMJ issues: for all of my wind player, singer, night jaw grinding friends out there!

Neck: this is a great sequence for everyone!

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