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Feldenkrais For All Musicians

The Feldenkrais for All Musicians (FAM) six-day workshop is for all instrumentalists, singers and National Summer Cello institute participants.  Its focus is to enhance awareness of the intimate relationship between the way musicians use their bodies and the music they create. The benefits of greater awareness are increased artistic vocabularies in performance and teaching, the ability to efficiently express musical intention, injury and pain prevention and healing from current injury.

Activities during the Feldenkrais for All Musicians workshop help participants advance instrumental performance and injury prevention by examining the integration of body and mind through movement and by providing an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.  The Feldenkrais Method involves the use of movement, touch and imagery as tools for learning new ways of functioning.  Because it improves mind-body awareness, it has proven to be highly effective in alleviating pain, anxiety, and movement difficulties.  Benefits of heightened awareness include improved body image, organization and function, all relevant to performance and teaching.

Faculty includes Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners Uri Vardi, Hagit Vardi, and Mark Erickson, PT, DSc, and improvisation master Matt Turner. The Vardis co-teach Feldenkrais for Performers (dancers, actors and musicians) at the UW-Madison and have conducted workshops for summer festival participants at Tunghai University in Taiwan, the Buchmann-Mehta Academy at Tel Aviv University, Bartok Conservatory in Budapest,  and the New World Symphony, among others.

Held in Madison, WI, visit the site for more information and to register.