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Karen Tuttle Coordination Conference 2014

A workshop style conference for teachers, professionals, and advanced students to explore Karen Tuttle's (1920-2010) teaching principles, namely her physical and emotional approach to the instrument: coordination.

Karen Tuttle, American violist and pedagogue, 1920-2010.

Karen Tuttle, American violist and pedagogue, 1920-2010.

Coordination is the word that Tuttle used to refer to her approach to the instrument. There are many aspects to this, including stance, balancing the instrument, physical releases, musical impulses, and emotional responses to the music. These concepts will be introduced to all of the participants, and all of the teachers will work with the participants to help them learn this approach.

Enrollment is limited to 48 participants so that everyone will be able to play several times in the classes. We will not ask for audition tapes, but suggest that this is not a workshop for beginning or intermediate players. Admission will be on a first come, first served basis.

  • Cost: $345 participant, $100 auditor
  • Housing fee (optional): $55 per night, shared room

To learn more or to register, visit The NYU summer site.