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Flexors of the Wrist and Fingers
Another old school Gray's Anatomy picture, with the flexor digitorus profundum highlighted Anatomy anatomy
Anatomy of a callus
Anatomy of a callus anatomy
The Case for Learning Anatomy
Anatomy doesn't have to just be serious. It can actually be a fun way to learn how amazing the person of the world, I think everyone should learn at least a little anatomy. Why? First of all, as , movers, etc.) and understanding how they move is a lifelong process. Anatomy is a way to bridge that The Case for Learning Anatomy teensy bit of anatomy can help you especially as a teacher, and here's why: 1. You can understand and . Understanding movement and anatomy can help you to look at your own movement/exercise habits, and anatomy
Shoulder Anatomy 101-Part 1
Shoulder Anatomy 101-Part 1 Anatomy
Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments-the Basics
by Kayleigh Miller Most musicians have a general idea of anatomy in that they know they anatomy sign that anatomy and physiology is simply not taught in higher education for musicians. Let's start
Sternocleidomastoid- Muscle or Undiscovered Dinosaur?
The Pain in Your Neck
Bones of the Arm and Forearm
Sitting Better
Clavicles and Pecs
also affect shoulder mobility. This older drawing from "Gray's Anatomy" shows how the muscles of the anatomy
A Quick Dose of Back Side Anatomy
from Grey's Anatomy of Erector Spinae and intermediate spinal muscles. Muscularly speaking, there are A Quick Dose of Back Side Anatomy anatomy
One Last Hypermobility Chat: The Knees
My Story, Or How This Blog Came to Be
practice for limiting wrist mobility and strength. I start studying anatomy for the first time since share. For starters, I was not particularly interested in anatomy/physiology as a child, and I high school, and I loved it. I remember babysitting a kid while coloring an anatomy coloring book anatomy that yoga teachers and students needed some more embodied anatomy. Folks didn't know where things in my teaching, and feel that anatomy and injury awareness is necessary for teachers of movement
Music Making as an Embodied Movement Practice
an anatomy and physiology course, and had the opportunity to see how disembodying anatomical anatomy
S.O.H.- Save Our Hearing!
Detangling the Pec Minor: Part 1
Proprioception, Nociception, Exteroception, Interoception--- What do they all mean?
The Darker Side of Hypermobility
Hypermobility- What is it? Part 1
Do Your Hips Extend? Looking at hip extension and flexion~
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