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Shoulderstand, or Just Because A Teacher Suggests A Pose Doesn't Mean You Should Do It
This is an anatomical cutaway of shoulderstand with the the hands and forearms on the ground Shoulderstand, or Just Because A Teacher Suggests A Pose Doesn't Mean You Should Do It shoulderstand full shoulderstand in a yoga class (or full jackknife in pilates), especially not to musicians. I've in a slouched chair for 6-8 hours a day. I'm sure you get the idea, so let's go back to shoulderstand shoulders Repetitive Strain and decades of instrumental study. - We often have limited ROM in our shoulders, weak shoulders, or shoulder pain. Iyengar was one of the most famous teachers of the 20th century who
Pecs and Shoulder Movement
Winging Scapula: What are they and do you have them?
Shoulders 101-Part 2
Shoulders 101-Part 2 shoulders movement, excellent for the elbows, shoulders, and wrists, and great to do prior to or in between practice
Why It's Ok to Skip the Chaturangas Sometimes
added strengthening poses for the back of the shoulders and lats, as well as some weight training and shoulders an imbalance in the shoulders, especially if the shoulder blades are not stabilized by the serrates to keep you slouched, head forward, chest tight, and with weak shoulders. Your yoga practice may be
Clavicles and Pecs
depressing the clavicle, lifting the first rib in respiration, and stabilizes the shoulders. What this this muscle is extremely tight, your shoulders will roll forward and one or both clavicles could shoulders a rounded upper back and rounded shoulders as well. Pecoralis Minor: This muscle attaches the ribs and your shoulders?  Is one of your shoulders more rolled forward than the other? (Fact: My left
Pull your Cello Case (or Suitcase) Better
poor posture, and internally rotated shoulders, most of us should not be pulling weight in internal shoulders
Still in Pain? Ditch the Heels and the Purse
, or carrying your tote in your hand to reduce the stress on your shoulders. Lastly, the crossbody shoulders
Rethinking Headstand
: -Cervical vertebrae damage from an inability to support weight in shoulders -Additional soft and father of yoga poses" are shoulderstand and the headstand, neither of which I teach. You may remember my thoughts on shoulderstand risks for musicians, and I thought it was time to tackle (and health claims that headstand supposedly provides: Builds strength in the shoulders, neck and core Slows shoulders Iyengar in supported headstand. Iyengar's teachings touted shoulderstand and headstand as the most
Detangling the Pec Minor: Part 1
shoulders this man's shoulders, you can see that the one on the left sits on the table. The scapula, or
Highlights of the Last Two Months
- From anatomy to stretches, learn about what constitutes the shoulders and how to work with highlights from the last two months of posts. Look at the postural change from adding heels! Shoulders shoulders
Human Body Mythbusters: Musicians' Edition
The Levator Scapulae: Musicians' Frenemies
relearn their habits of expressive shoulders, and see if there’s a way to create a musical response spaciousness in the neck and shoulders! The same can be true for brass and woodwind players as well to!) elevate their shoulders in order to grip the instrument. Over time, this can create shoulders to support their instrument! Other times, the right shoulder elevates in an attempt to enhance shoulders shoulders, either asymmetrically or simultaneously. Sometimes it appears in an expressive moment of
How the Things We Carry Hurt Us
Detangling the Pec Minor: Part 2
working at its optimal length. Let's take a look at how the shoulders function with different the best of postural intentions, it's easy round the upper body, bring the shoulders forward, and to the left, notice where his shoulders are and the slight internal rotation on the right side shoulders position for the shoulders. Take a moment to think though- how many hours have you played your shoulders when we play, which can create more havoc in these muscles. This is certainly true for
Targeting Tight Shoulders and Hamstrings- Beyond the Stretch
thoracic spine), and then see what the current range is. Rather than just stretching the shoulders Targeting Tight Shoulders and Hamstrings- Beyond the Stretch shoulders shoulders, unable to get the arm all the way overhead. Notice that they are NOT RIB THRUSTING to get their shoulders, need to develop grip strength, or aren't ready to jump in on crazy Ido Portal hang/swing ability to flex one's shoulders, or basically reach arms overhead (like you would for a push-press or lost in the shoulders. Most of us use our arms in the same positions for hours a day without varying
What are your scapulae doing in a push up?
example, as my elbows bend, my shoulders blades glide together. This means the serratus anterior is not shoulders stabilizing the shoulders in a plank, push-up, or any loaded position, is the serratus anterior. Often to look a little deeper at what the shoulders are doing in push-ups or yoga push-ups, chaturangas
Movement Monday: Easy Shoulder Warm-Up, Four Ways
Roll it Out
For the Musician Cyclists
and shoulders, and long-term, can decrease your mobility which is frustrating for musicians. So do . This blog is awesome for exploring biking postural positions. Stretch out those in those shoulders shoulders
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