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So How Much Do You Actually Sit?
Last week, we looked at sitting, and how to do it, well, better. Perhaps with more ease, with new practice? 2) How many hours a day do you spend sitting to rehearse (small ensemble, large ensemble : Few of us sit with this awareness of alignment... 1) How many hours a day do you spend sitting to much time do you spend sitting on a couch or chair to use a computer? 5) How much time do you spend , etc.)? 3) How much time do you spend sitting in a car (bus, train, public transportation)? 4) How sitting
"Don't Just Sit There"-How Much Are you Sitting Every Day?
, or because you play an instrument that requires sitting like piano or cello. Some people are "Don't Just Sit There"-How Much Are you Sitting Every Day? sitting, the answer is probably yes). How many hours a day are you sitting to practice or rehearse logging 12-16 hours of sitting a day! The position of sitting in a chair has its own consequences of consequences of long term sitting, but there's also a correlation with diseases including sitting this apply to you? Do you always practice sitting down? (If you play an instrument that requires
Sitting Better
points of sitting. Frankly, this video demonstrates everything I would want to say, and more.   Katy Sitting Better illuminates the fundamental basics of sitting-pelvic tilt. She's demonstrating how posterior
Confession: I love my Standing Desk
putting your laptop on the kitchen counter sometimes or sitting on the floor, give it a shot sitting, say 3-6 hours most days. I also drive my car from time to time, so let's factor that into also more aware of how I stand as opposed to sitting, since the couch slouch is so easy to adopt. Read . You can stand, sit on a stool, lean, and so forth. The problem with sitting at a desk is that of studying and homework in high school. That's a lot of sitting and habits to undo, and I don't sitting
How Do You Sit When You Drive?
drive and place the blanket underneath your sitting bones, or ischial tuberosities. See if you can get aren't sportscar low. The image on the right includes some sort of cushion under the sitting bones ignoring your sitting for a moment, what about your feet? Are you gripping your toes together as your press the gas pedal? And what about your left leg- is it just sitting out in space? I love this sitting
Working with Children On Sitting
your long term movement abilities and bone development. With children constantly sitting in Working with Children On Sitting hand held technology and computers, and that sitting posture doesn't help their music making. As I've age. More importantly though, watch her hilarious and fun video on sitting on your sit (ischial environments that limit our development, such as excess sitting in slumped positions, strollers, airplane , especially with instruments that require sitting such as piano and cello. I found this book very interesting sitting
Your Spine Is Not A Column, So Stop Sitting Up Straight!
spinal column leads many folks (of all ages) to believe that sitting up straight is the solution move through different positions while sitting (including slouching), because sitting in the same Your Spine Is Not A Column, So Stop Sitting Up Straight! sitting commands don't acknowledge these curvatures (including the yoga tadasana cue "tuck your tail variation in your sitting positions. Sitting alignment is a complicated thing, but I think we should column, and sitting up straight can be a confusing cue when we don't have a rod for a spine. As a sitting
Demystifying the Piriformis
? (sitting vs standing vs lying down, etc) 3) Do any movements relieve the pain? (i.e. does walking change chair? Musicians (and normal people too) spend many, many hours a day sitting in a chair, often at 90 sitting things) 4) Do any movements exacerbate the pain? 5) How many hours a day do you spend sitting in a
Do Your Hips Extend? Looking at hip extension and flexion~
the time- sitting, practicing while seated, cycling, driving...but only in a limited range, i.e more extension and more varieties of flexion. For example, sitting cross legged, sitting on the floor sitting
Car Seats Through History, or How Did We End Up So Slouched?
created the idea that sitting in a slouched position, with no muscles engaged and a big rounding in the backwards and our knees higher than our hips. It is possible to sit on your sitting bones with your . Comfort, in modern sitting, = poor alignment and muscles turned off. Comfort=potential long term sitting
Blogroll: What I'm Reading on the Internet
Rather than paraphrase some of the more interesting articles about sitting and its dangers, I Bowman. The problem with sitting is not only the frequency, but also that we sit the same way ALL the figured it'd be easier to just make a list of some of my favorites. "Is Sitting Killing Me?" by Alice sitting
Demystifying Pain
sitting outside of music, such as typing (!), sitting (!), driving, how one carries one's bag or case, and so
Move More, Sit Less
I Stopped. For a Whole Month. Are You STILL Sitting? And of course, Why Sitting Is Killing You So could definitely do with sitting less often. "Sitting is the New Smoking" Sitting Is Bad for You. So don't necessarily know if sitting is the new smoking (I think high heels win for that title), but we much, actually. First of all, sitting all day, standing all day, walking all day... any perpetual what's the problem here? Why all the fuss about sitting? If you do your 45 minute workout and then sitting
PSOAS I was saying...
, shows how the psoas acts in sitting, and how it can flex the hips i sitting. Notice the two images sitting
Help-I bruised my tailbone!
, and paved the way for a stronger back post recovery. 9. Sit better, making sure that you're sitting surrounding it. It will likely hurt the most when sitting. 1. Sudden impact- this can mean falling in any the pain of sitting. 2. Consider sitting on an elevated cushion to help keep the pelvis in neutral
I'm All About that Base (Standing Better, I mean)
, there's a high chance that you tuck the pelvis under in standing and sitting. That can create big issues standing, sitting, and walking. In the "scholarly" article I'm editing, there's lots of footnotes pelvis and how the sacrum is contacting the ground in sitting? The two on the left are a tucked pelvis
Your Core is Not Just Your Six Pack (and Other Lies Magazines Told You)
, sitting, walking, running, playing your instrument, singing...all of it. Above all, please stop overhaul your whole movement diet- break up sitting with standing, sit on the floor, get out of the constant sitting keep that your spine in a slumped position already, and exacerbating that position
Shoes: Part 4, or On Feet and Their Relative Happiness
also intense and stretches out the myofascial tissue in the sole of your foot. Sitting seiza is for now, but I'm sure I'll add more. 1. Sitting seiza vs. sitting kiza. This rock-star dude is
For the Musician Cyclists
compound many of the problems we see from sitting too much, including: 1. Tucked pelvis (posterior walking, sitting, standing) 5. Deepens a student's awareness of the body in space, and remembering how
Summer Festival (and general life) Survival Guide
your sacrum. Poor alignment in sitting (especially if you rehearse more than 6 hours a day) can -care should be a priority, not an add-on! -Use your ischial tuberosities (your sitting bones!). This Katy Bowman video is my personal favorite for explaining how to sit better, as opposed to sitting on . Prevention -Move more! Exercising can't undo 6-8 hours of sitting, so add more movement to your day. Walk
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