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Highlights of the Last Two Months

In case you're new to the site or want to revisit some of the earlier material, here are a few highlights from the last two months of posts. 

Look at the postural change from adding heels!

Look at the postural change from adding heels!

Shoulders- From anatomy to stretches, learn about what constitutes the shoulders and how to work with restriction.

Stance and Posture-  Musicians are often told to stand in a certain way which may or may not be good alignment for their body. 

Feet and Shoes- From flip flops to heels to thick padded running shoes, we often pick shoes that don't support us while performing, walking, and standing.

Developing Awareness of the Body, by the fabulous Andrea Kleesattel.

And as always, you can search at the bottom of the site for anything you might be looking for, or click on the tags at the end of each post to see related posts.



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