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A Double Whammy- the Heeled Flip Flop

Do you remember those crazy platform flip flops popular in the late 90's?  Well, they're back, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is long gone.  Combining both heels, wedges, and flip flops, the foot-murderer-flip-flop is here, much to my chagrin.  What's wrong with them?  Elevated heels affect the spine, the flip flop style forces the toes to grip and the bottom of the foot to contract, and you start walking oddly to compensate.  As warmer weather begins to permeate the east coast, choose sandals that are friendlier to your feet, and don't cause pain.  And don't even think about walking or playing your instrument!!!

PS.  Read Katy Bowman's blog post from yesterday about how flip flops affect your feet!

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