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Rather than paraphrase some of the more interesting articles about sitting and its dangers, I figured it'd be easier to just make a list of some of my favorites.

"Is Sitting Killing Me?" by Alice Park, Time Magazine.  This awesome article addresses "NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis," AKA. all the movement you do which is NOT exercise.  Stairs, walking to work, standing's time to get more movement into your life, not necessarily more exercise.


"Stretching Doesn't Work (The way you think it does)" by Brooke Thomas.  We talked about how stretching isn't going to make everything "longer" in your body.  Let's hear Brooke's excellent logic on how stretching really works.


"Walking is the Superfood of Fitness"   I'm a huge fan of walking, as many of you know.  You can skip a workout, but get in a walk.  If you do no other physical activity in your life, please walk.  It's incredibly important for you body.  Period.


"Thinking Outside the Classroom Chair," by Katy Bowman.  The problem with sitting is not only the frequency, but also that we sit the same way ALL the time.  What if you sit differently?  On the floor?  On a cushion?  Even on the couch?


"What Are We Doing in Asana," by Matthew Remski.  (AKA. WAWADIA).  As a yoga and movement teacher, I appreciate that Matthew is looking at the truth behind yoga's supposed therapeutic postures.  Not everything is as it seems, and even if you're an on again off again yoga person, it's a great project to peruse. 


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