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Giveaway Announcement!

In honor of the holidays, in which most musicians are running around playing holiday marathons, Nutcrackers galore, sing-alongs, musicals, and everything in between, I present the self-care giveaway!  Most of you know that I'm a Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and that part of that work is self-care, AKA. self-massage with pliable rubber balls that get into the nooks and crannies of your pain and discomfort, whether that be in your neck or upper back, or hips, feet, and everything in between!  Self-massage has made a huge difference in my ability to play for long periods of time without pain as well as improved my mobility in many key joint areas.   I'm excited to offer one copy of Jill Miller's book, The Roll Model®, as well as a set of Roll Model Classic Size Balls.  (In the event that the winner already has a set of this sized balls, I will gladly substitute another size, either Pluses or an alpha.)   This book is incredibly comprehensive, detailed, and has a plethora of sequences for everything from neck and jaw pain to feet and ankle mobility.  The set is valued at $50 and I'll ship it anywhere in the world, as a thanks to my national and international readers.  To enter, visit our Facebook page, and you'll see a tab labeled giveaway, which will tell you how to enter.  It's pretty easy, and doesn't require you to sign up for an email list (I already get 20-30 spam emails a day).  If you have questions, shoot an email to, and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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