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Differing Perspectives on Posture and Pain

I wrote earlier this week about the difference between causation and correlation, and how basically, back pain is a mysterious thing that can't be directly attributed to poor posture.  Here, however, are some differing perspectives on how posture affects the body.  Neither directly says, "Hey, this causes back pain!" but I think all three videos are useful and interesting (and short!).

1.  Jill Miller on Oprah- Just a quick video interview on finding a good posture

2.  Katy Bowman on Lifting Safely- Most folks have a difficult time translating postural awareness to lifting, whether it's weight lifting or moving, so here's a reminder.

3. And just in case you thought only women made videos about this stuff, here's Kelly Starrett (of mobilitywod) in a hilarious postural video on texting and computer posture, reminding us that posture is for everyone.

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