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What Does Rib Thrusting Look Like?

To read more from Katy or some others to address the rib flare, visit

To read more from Katy or some others to address the rib flare, visit

This week, I've been working with my private clients about stabilizing the ribs, whether in supine movements or extensions, and it can be helpful to have some visual context.  This is a little of what  rib thrusting or rib flare looks like, and how it is an aesthetic goal in many movement disciplines, here's a short gallery of different shapes and people demonstrating (most likely accidental) rib thrust.  As mentioned in my previous blog post, it can sometimes be misconstrued as "good posture" to have the shoulders back and chest broad...but pushing the ribs forward of the midline of the body compresses the lumbar vertebrae, negatively affects the pelvic floor and diaphragm, and can really limit actually spinal mobility.  Some people will naturally have a pelvic flare, either from movement habits, activities, (gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating, dance, etc) or just a lifetime of movement habits.  There's nothing wrong with you if you have a little of this, but starting to be aware of it will not only improve your athletic performance, but may also help reduce pain, risk of diastasis recti, or other issues that may be present.  This rib thrusting is very common in yoga-land, especially in the context of standing postures, downward dog, and back bends.

(Click through the gallery to see different images)

In some fields, like gymnastics and dance, the rib thrust may be an aesthetic goal or just be a consequence of executing a movement (i.e., do the movement at any cost to the physical body).  For those of you who have been a little perplexed about the rib thrust and what it looks like, hope this helps!  (And take a look at my previous post for more specific details on what rib thrusting is)

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